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The UAE is ranked among the highest globally among 183 countries in Trading Across Borders and continuously attracts investors and businesses from different continents. It offers excellent opportunities to business owners and entrepreneurs given its strategic location within the Middle East. Businesses are strategically located to access the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and European markets from one hub. Its tax incentives are promising for any business and have seen many startup companies establish their base here and grow to mega-corporations around the world. Unlike most jurisdictions around the world, the key driver is the stable political climate and the multicultural business climate that allows businesses to flourish. The legal framework and regulations provide for a well-coordinated and incentivized ecosystem for new and old companies to conduct business. 

Company Setup in Dubai

When it comes to company formation in Dubai, there’s no doubt that a lot of information is required to review and fulfill to get things cleared in your desired location. That’s where Kurum Group serves the purpose as it completes step by step process of clearing all the formalities without even bothering you, and steering you in the right direction, saving you money and time. We can help you set up a business in Dubai and UAE with our expert team of professionals in various departments.

Choosing the right location and selecting the license that is best suited for your business can be a challenging task, but a very important one.

We offer business setup across the UAE, with a choice of Free Zone business setup or Mainland, as well as Offshore. Each location and license has its own benefits, and as every business is unique, we recommend speaking to one of our business setup advisors, who will give you the full overview, and tailor your ideal setup plan.

Start Up Process

Step 1

Choose your business activity and identify the license category, whether, professional license, industrial license, or commercial license.


Why Work with Kurum Group?

At Kurum Consultancy we help you choose the right setup solution for your startup.

Our dedicated experts work closely with you, helping you navigate each stage of the process, from submitting your application to collecting your license.

Our complete approach to company setup means you’re working with specialists who have helped thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world launch their new businesses in the UAE.

From selecting the best location for incorporation to submitting visa applications, we make your company setup process easy and stress-free.

We take care of all of the details, including assisting with business activity selection, meeting with governmental departments, and choosing a corporate banking partner.

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