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Connecting Business, Ideas & People for Greater Impact 

Who WE Are

KGC is a service-oriented group of companies that delivers a wide range of services in the UAE, GCC and Türkiye. Our key operating companies include Kurum Consultancy, which provides management consulting, business formation, marketing services, property management and trading solutions, and KDesign, which provides architaecture and engineering consultancy, interior design, fitout construction services, and design and technical working drawings.


As a key part of our business strategy, we leverage our knowledge of industries and markets around the world in order to develop long-term, sustainable businesses. We provide innovative and effective solutions for a variety of industries to turn opportunities into business.


Our goal is to establish partnerships with all our clients, and we believe this provides significant benefits for all parties involved. We are striving to develop and improve our services to deliver the optimum and most cost-effective solutions on all our projects and platforms.

Whether you are an established businessperson, an emerging entrepreneur, or somebody setting their foot in the SME sector, we totally free you from the tiresome procedures of processing your documents. Our job is to simplify the path for clients' business needs. We do this by offering all related services, whether license, visa, or other business support services with top quality and cost-effectiveness. We aim to build a long-term relationship with our customers by not only meeting but exceeding their expectations.

Our Mission

To continuously enhances its

standards and competence to provide innovative solutions to customers needs. Striving to be a strong and reliable partner in all areas of our business services.

Our Vision

To become the most prominent company locally and internationally by defining excellence and building unmatched customer loyalty while offerings highest standard of services to the clients' needs. 

Our Values

Integrity & Commitment 
Growth & Profitability


Ahmet H. Kurum is an Entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience helping investors construct their companies and develop their concepts both in the UAE and in Türkiye.

"Kurum Group of Companies offers the highest standard services to

its clients while maintaining confidential information, delivering information quickly and effectively, and connecting clients to the right channels."

Our Founder



“The best service without complaint!  I wanted 100% performance, but they provided 200% service.  Because, for me who doesn't understand anything, he kindly taught me everything.  For example, license type, location of establishment, cost, etc.!  I saved money and time thanks to the services they provided.  I wanted to recommend their service to all the Japanese people I knew. Thank you so much.”

Sugano Company Group FZE

Mr. Masaya Sugano

“We worked with Kurum Consultancy for application and processing our new company license for our group, from start to final point they were like one of our team member, provide excellent service for all of our needs for the new license”

Al Hili National General Trading LLC

Mr. Taner Karabulut

“I would like to thankful first of all Mr Ahmet for his professionalism and how he listens his client. He saved me a lot of money while opening our companies with taking the right decision. He advise us what to do from A to Z. He assists us with each steps on the opening of our companies, visa, license and the rest. He is very responsive, no matter the time is. If you're looking to open a business in UAE he's the person who you don't have to miss. He's company Kurum Consultancy deserve the best management service in Dubai, he's the best under my eyes. Thank you Mr Ahmet, our companies without him is like without parents.

Best service, best personal and one of the best company in Dubai.”


Mr. Murat Temir


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Our team is here to provide you the best services with highest standards. 

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