Business Agreement on the Terrace

A Business

KURUM Consultancy offers a variety of services that will allow you to run your business efficiently, quickly, and cost-effectively while ensuring confidentiality. Our comprehensive services make it possible for investors and entrepreneurs to establish their business or invest in properties anywhere in Turkey, quickly and hassle-free. 

Corporate Services

Turkey’s strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, the CIS, the Middle East, and North Africa, along with the country’s existing potential, the increase in per capita income, and its large, young, and growing population have positively impacted the development of the business services sector in Turkey. Turkey has significant experience in a wide range of business service lines, such as engineering and architectural consulting, technical testing, and call centers. The country also boasts expertise in knowledge-based services, such as auditing and accounting, legal advisory, and consulting.


Establishing a business in Turkey can be seen as challenging but the guidance of a Turkish business partner would be beneficial both for you and your business.

Steps to Start Business in Turkey 

1. Acquiring a potential tax number from the tax office 
2. Settling the location of your company
3. Deciding the type of your corporation
4. Finding an accounting outsourcing company for the company set up process 
5. Registering your company legally 
6. Opening a bank account  

Investing in Turkey Property

  • The Turkish property market is growing very rapidly. Foreign investors are one of the significant reasons of this growth. Foreign individuals are allowed to buy properties in Turkey and procedures are quite easy. A foreign individual can buy a property within one day if the property’s title deed is ready to sell.

  • Foreigners must have the following documents in addition to documents required by local citizens:

  • Potential tax number which is taken from tax office,

  • Translated copy of valid passport.


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